5 Kids 1 Condo Interview with Steve Saretsky

Adrian Crook the author of the popular blog 5 Kids 1 Condo sits down with Steve Saretsky

In this episode of #TheSaretskyShow Adrian Crook author of 5 kids 1 condo shares a little behind the scenes of his unconventional way of living.

Adrian has made headlines all over Vancouver for his popular blog where he talks about what it’s like living in his 3 bedroom Yaletown condo with his 5 kids. What most people would consider absolutely insane he considers it a movement and something that is normal in other areas of the world such as New York and parts of Europe.

Adrian is also a role model for future Vancouver families who are coming to terms with leaving the white picket fence behind and taking in all the perks of condo living. In this interview Adrian will also share his thoughts on redeveloping Vancouver, Airbnb, bike lanes, transportation, and the perks of living in Downtown Vancouver. You can read more about his popular blog at http://5kids1condo.com

See the show notes below for the 5 Kids 1 Condo Interview

Show Notes:

1:55 How many square feet is your condo?

2:09 How long have you been running your blog?

4:05 Why do you want to live in Downtown Vancouver?

5:34 How do you manage the kids?

7:28 Why do you choose to rent?

10:22 What kind of housing does Vancouver need to start implementing?

14:58 What kind of transportation do you use?

15:38 How often do you bike?

16:13 Are you a huge proponent of bike lanes?

17:34 What do you think of Mobi bike sharing in Vancouver?

18:39 Do you think bike sharing will work?

21:12 What are your thoughts on Airbnb?

24:17 Any last words of advice for families?

25:49 How can people learn more about your story?