Does a full price offer mean you have to sell?

Don’t accept that full price offer. You don’t have to. Despite what you may think, just because somebody offered you full price does not mean you have to take it. Whether that offer is subject free or not, you have a choice!

Every time I sit down with my clients to list their home I go through the whole listing contract and explain everything to them. It’s funny because they are always surprised when I tell them terms of sale are “acceptable to seller.” Which means, full price, over asking price with no subjects, whatever it is, unless the terms are acceptable to you then you don’t need to accept.

So, before you put ink to paper just because you got full asking price, ask yourself, are these terms acceptable?

Many times I see sellers take the very first offer that comes their way. They’ve only been on the market one day, they’ve hardly had any showings and very minimal exposure to the market, yet they accept an offer. I cringe because I see it all the time. Many times had they waited the extra 2-3 days, allowed themselves that one open house, they would have seen multiple offers and probably would have had much better “acceptable terms.”

Whether it is a lack of patience and jumping on the first offer, or just a lack of education from your Realtor, just know this; you don’t have to accept an offer if it is full asking price.


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