David Eby Discusses Vancouver Housing Crisis

In this episode of The Saretsky Show Steve sits down with the MLA of Vancouver Point Grey David Eby. David Eby discusses Vancouver housing crisis and offers some very strong insight.

You will gain a ton of knowledge from this episode. David discusses the issues with Vancouver real estate, foreign investment, speculation, and his plans and suggestions for fixing them.

Enjoy 🙂

Time Stamps:

0:56 What is The provincial government doing right now to stop this?

9:17 Do you think the provincial government is doing enough?

13:00 Why do you think the government is so resistant to the property surcharge?

13:46 Do you think large donations to the liberal party are negatively affecting their decision making?

16:51 How do we get Vancouver prices back to within reach for your average family?

20:00 How do we make changes without tanking the economy?

21:54 What’s next for you and your team?

22:58 What are you hoping for come 2017 elections?


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