You need to de-clutter your Vancouver condo. It will put money in your pockets. Seriously.

I can’t stress enough the importance of de-cluttering your Vancouver condo before selling. Forget doing a bunch of renovations. De-Cluttering will cost you nothing and is hands down the best return on your investment.

It costs you nothing and is a sure way to put more money in your pockets. I can guarantee you will get a higher sale price if you take the extra time to de clutter. I tell all of my clients this before we put their home on the market.

So where do you start? Start cleaning, anything you no longer need or anticipate will not be coming with you to your next home needs to go. It’s important to de personalize your home. Think about it through a potential buyers eyes. You walk into the home, you’re trying to picture yourself living here and all you can see is the sellers face, pictures of his family plastered everywhere. The buyer needs to be able to immerse himself in the condo unit, he needs to picture himself living there, what it would be like, where he would put his belongings. This is extremely hard to accomplish with your personal pictures scattered all over the place and an over furnished home.

Another reason to de clutter is it makes the actual living space appear larger than it is. Think about it, you’re selling your 500-600 Square foot condo. That is a very limited space. You can’t have a whole bunch of furniture, pictures, tables, chairs, covering the whole unit, making it appear small. The less things in there, the more available floor and counter space the bigger it will appear to the potential buyer. That goes a long way, and it costs you nothing!

I could go on and on about the benefits of de cluttering your home. Seriously tho, if you want to maximize your return on the sale of your home you need de clutter your Vancouver condo.