Housing Action For Local Taxpayers- HALT Interview

New Vancouver Housing Group Pushing For Change

In this episode of #TheSaretskyShow Steve interviews Justin Fung. Justin is one of the members of the new housing activist group called HALT (Housing Action For Local Taxpayers)

HALT is a group comprised of local citizens who are lobbying for changes within the real estate industry. HALT is not just a snob group of renters who want cheap housing prices, in fact, HALT members consist of a majority of homeowners.

HALT would like to see more affordable housing options, including more purpose built rentals. In this interview I discuss how the group was formed, who’s in it, and some of the housing issues Vancouver currently faces.

To learn more about HALT Vancouver visit https://www.facebook.com/HALTVancouver/

Here are the show notes:

0:45 What kind of housing action do you want to see?

1:15 Do you own a place in Vancouver?

4:40 What does HALT want to see for renters in Vancouver?

5:50 How Can Airbnb co-exist peacefully with the city of Vancouver?

9:15 What’s your background? How does race play into real estate crisis?

12:40 How do people join HALT?

13:10 How do people find HALT online?

14:15 When and where is the upcoming HALT rally?

17:40 What’s next for HALT?