Steve Saretsky Chats With Vancouver Housing Expert Tom Davidoff

In this episode of The Saretsky Show Steve sits down with Vancouver housing expert Tom Davidoff. Tom is considered the expert on housing and has been highly sought after for his opinions on the subject. I was fortunate enough to sit down with him and share his insights with you.

Tom Davidoff shares what he thinks is the only way to cure the Vancouver housing market. Tom also goes on to say without intervention Vancouver will become a playground for the rich and we will see an exodus of families.

Time Stamps:

3:53 Do you think people have over extended their risk?

8:18 What is the main driver of sky high prices?

13:10 What is the property surcharge tax and why is it the best solution?

21:15 How does the provincial government feel about the property surcharge tax?

22:22 What were the takeaways from the roundtable discussion with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

28:58 What does the future hold for Vancouver if prices keep rising?

32:05 Do you think our economy can withstand any decrease in home values?


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