Steve Saretsky Interviews Frances Bula on Vancouver Housing Issues

Steve Saretsky interviews Frances Bula

In this episode of #TheSaretskyShow Steve sits down with Frances Bula to discuss all the issues around Vancouver housing.

Frances is a highly respected reporter who does a lot of work with The Globe & Mail and has a very loyal following on her blog Frances mostly covers city life and politics. In this interview I keep it strictly to housing in Vancouver.

Some of the things we discuss include, the current affordability crisis, has Vancouver always been this expensive? What does Frances thinks about densification and if or what areas she believes should be densified. We also focus on Airbnb in Vancouver and if she feels the two can peacefully co-exist. I’ve discussed before how Airbnb Investments in Vancouver a Cash Cow. 

Frances is very well versed on all these topics and her insights were extremely valuable. I hope you are able to gain some good take aways from this interview as well.


0:26 Introduction

2:00 How long have you been running your blog?

3:54 What’s your take on Vancouver housing?

6:15 Have Vancouver prices always been too high?

8:27 What areas in Vancouver need to densify?

13:57 Rezoning Vancouver

17:50 In a perfect world what kind of densification would you like to see?

20:10 What are your thoughts on Airbnb in Vancouver?

23:35 How can Airbnb peacefully co exist in Vancouver?

26:45 What do you think Vancouver needs to implement tomorrow to help correct the current housing crisis in Vancouver?