Stackable Parking Could Solve Vancouver Parking Problems

As the city of Vancouver continues to densify, parking is becoming more and more of a problem. Vancouver Parking stalls are being sold in Downtown Vancouver anywhere from 20,000-$50,000 to some higher end parking stalls going for as much as 120,000. So should Vancouver consider stackable parking?

Stackable parking is a parking system which basically works as an elevator for your car. You drive your car onto a pallet and it hoists you up into a spot. It looks almost like a game of tetris, take a look. (Insert video)

With Vancouver parking becoming such a scarcity should we consider this? It is currently only in one high end development, the Jamieson. However,  it is already common practice in heavily densified areas such as New York and many Europian and Asian cities and has recently been introduced to several new condo developments in Toronto!

I think it will ultimately come down to what the city of Vancouvers long term plan is. It’s obvious they want to minimize cars on the road as they continue to increase public transit and the ever growing car sharing programs available. However, should we be giving citizens more options? Many people who work in the downtown core are paying a fortune to park their cars for the day simply because parking is so limited. Many parking stalls can be rented but usually start from 200 to 500 per month. These high costs force many to take public transit. Should these parking stackers be brought in it would make more efficient use of parking and should ultimately drive the cost of parking down, or at least give people more options. What do you think, should Vancouver adopt this technology?



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