Vancouver Realtors stop being cheap.

You may think its commonplace among all agents that they are getting professional photography done for their listings. In reality a lot of the agents out there are absolutely dogging it. They are going in to listings and taking pictures themselves. With their own camera. Ive seen better pictures on an iPhone, or even one of those old-school Kodak snap cameras. Heck, I even took better pictures on my Motorola Krazr back in high school. 

It is upsetting that the sellers are not holding their realtors accountable. Especially considering they are paying them a big chunk of money. So why are these Realtors cheaping out on something that really only costs about $200. It truly is hard to understand, but it happens, and it happens a lot.


In this video below I included some real life examples of some of these listing photos. Don’t forget that something like 90% of people today are starting their home search online. So if you’re wondering why your home has not sold you might want to take a look at the dark upside down pictures your Realtor is advertising on the MLS. 

If any Realtors are reading this and i’ve angered you, then good. At least I know my message got through! Now stop taking all awful photos and giving our industry a negative reputation. Pay the $200 and give your clients the service they deserve.



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