Thursday, December 2, 2021


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Financial Repression

The Bank of Canada continues to slowly drain liquidity after flooding the system with a firehose of cash during the pandemic. Bank of Canada...

The Complicated Path Forward

Consumer price inflation ripped higher in September, surging 4.4% year-over-year, the fastest pace of price increases in 18 years. Let's discuss this further. We...

Back to the Offer Table

It was back to the offer table for Canadian house shoppers. After a brief pause in shopping activity, home buyers returned in September. Sales...

BC, Bring Cash

We've talked a lot about the great reshuffling here. The pandemic changed a lot of things, including where people want to live, and how...

Same, But Different?

It took over $600 million of tax pay dollars to reach the same outcome, another liberal minority government. I can think of a few...

Election Day

CPI inflation ripped, hitting 4.1% in August. Inflation in Canada is now accelerating at its fastest pace since 2003. The homeowners' replacement cost index, which...