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CIBC’s Benjamin Tal Suggests The Bottom is In

The often outspoken chief economist of CIBC, Benjamin Tal, is out with a new housing report today. The premise of which suggests the Canadian...

Foreign Buying Activity in BC Drops to $135M in October

Per Bloomberg, The real estate market in downtown Los Angeles is taking a hit as Chinese cash dries up. Condo sales plunged 31% in...

Vancouver Rental Market Eases With 7% Increase in Tenanted Properties

The city of Vancouver released a report updating the results for the empty homes tax. Per the report, the city generated $39.4 million in...

Rent Inflation is Surging in Canada

Don't look now but rental inflation is surging. This is probably no surprise to most Canadians who have likely witnessed rampant rent inflation over...

Homeowners Aren’t Moving New Listings Remain Weak

Homeowners are staying put, and opting not to move. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal notes homeowners in the United States are...

Luxury Housing Markets Slumping Globally

Per Bloomberg, wealthy homebuyers are finding global cities less welcoming and even hostile towards their cash. This is a secular shift as the wealth...