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Euthanizing the Bond Market

Last week we discussed the ongoing dispute in New Zealand, where the finance minister has been arguing with the head of the central bank...

Fasten Your Seatbelts

It's no surprise that a decade of zero interest rate policy has inflated housing prices across the globe. The result is a growing wealth...

When the Facts Change

As the pandemic rages on, and government mandated shut-downs ramp up, Canadians have a bit more spare time this holiday season. Bored and stuck...

Household Riches

The sovereign debt bubble continues to expand, with Government debt around the world inching closer towards the $18 trillion dollar mark. With global central...

Business is Booming

The big six banks are flush with cash. At least that was the headline promoted by BNN Bloomberg this past week. Adding, "When shares...

Short The City

The flight to the suburbs has become all the rage these days. Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a mass migration...