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Overstaying Your Welcome

There's a rift about what to do with the Canadian housing market. The reality is that it has become, quite simply, too big to...

Printing Prosperity

“When the value of one asset outpaces the economic production of an economy, at some point, it has to end. The dream will become...

Forward Guidance

The Bank of Canada was back at it with their latest views on the direction for monetary policy. The latest dove at the helm,...

Herd Following

I must admit, people bidding up house prices amidst the deepest recession in living memory is something I definitely did not see coming. Segments of...

An Egregious Crime

After publishing the industries most bearish housing forecast, which called for a slump in property prices between 9-18% over the coming twelve months, CMHC...

Inflation Targeting

Love him or hate him, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz is on the way out. Poloz has been lauded for his near perfection...