Lik N2 Ice Cream Vancouver’s First Nitrogen Ice Cream

Some things are tough to improve upon. Vancouver, for example, is an unbeatable place to live and visit. Perhaps one way to elevate a gorgeous world-class city like this one is with a whole new take on one of the world’s best indulgences: ice cream! Lik N2 Ice Cream is the first liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Vancouver. Many reviews are in, and the general consensus is that this unique frozen dessert that comes with a syringe full of yummy deliciousness is truly a can’t-miss treat. Even with recent additions of other ice cream shops, Lik N2 Ice Cream is more than worthy of an abundant welcome.

What is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream?

Many people are probably compelled to ask, “What is liquid nitrogen ice cream?” It sounds more like a science project than a sweet treat. Actually, the fare at Lik N2 Ice Cream is indisputable evidence that the kitchen is a great place to apply scientific techniques. To answer the question, liquid nitrogen ice cream utilizes a super-cooling, rapid freeze reaction process. The result of using liquid nitrogen is that creamy ice cream is made in mere seconds. The recipe begins with a Philadelphia cream cheese ice cream base mixed with other ingredients, depending on the type of treat being concocted. Matcha, vanilla beans, or strawberries may be added, for instance.

Who wouldn’t want to try made-to-order ice cream with practically no waiting? The liquid nitrogen creates the instant cooling effect, and it’s not part of the ice cream recipe.

What are the Flavors of Lik N2 Ice Cream?

There are new flavours to try at least every two weeks, but sometimes the chef’s fresh, new ideas are available to taste daily. One of the most popular flavors is the Cookie Monster. The special brand of ice cream is served with Oreo crumb, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, and chocolate ganache in a syringe.

Another menu item is Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. The dessert is complete with cream cheese ice cream, red velvet cookie-pie-cake, powdered sugar, and a chocolate ganache syringe.

One more: Blueberry nitrogen-made ice cream, oat crumble, whipped cream, and a syringe full of blueberry white chocolate ganache. This creation is the Blueberry Crumble, and it’s available at one place: Vancity’s only liquid nitrogen ice cream shop.

Address and Hours of Operation

Lik N2 Ice Cream is located at 320 Robson Street in Vancouver, BC. Hours are from noon to 11 pm Sunday through Thursday and noon to midnight Friday and Saturday nights. The phone number is 778-728-0672.



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