Since I started this blog your supportive messages have been astounding, such as this one from Ashley;

“Hi Steve, keep up the good work you have done! You are the one that deserves my respect with your honest and fair assessment on Vancouver real estate market- something I have yet to see from other Realtors who I had dealt with.”

Or this one from Michael:

“Love your informative site and honesty. Quick question, are you literally the only honest Real Estate agent in the Lower Mainland?
The above question is significant since it’s being asked by a lawyer that has seen a fair bit of his colleagues turn to the “dark side” over the last decade lured be easy profits…”

But for every 10 supportive messages, I get one negative one. To be expected when you go against the grain. Something I’m more than okay with.

I want to highlight this recent message so I can clarify a few things.  I’m not going to say this fine gentlemen’s full name, the point of this post is not to publicly humiliate him but rather elaborate on why I do what I do.

Like most negative feedback that I receive, it’s usually from someone in the industry. This one’s from Michael the mortgage broker.

“Dear Steve, Thank for sending me your information I do find your perspective fascinating. Have one question, why do you promote the selling and buying of real estate in GVRD & Lower Mainland as I note from your website ““? It seems you should not be doing so when every piece of information you speak to is about high prices and the fact you believe the market is crashing. Would it not be better to simply report your point of view and eliminate what appears to me, and I am sure to others, a conflict of interest. Thank you, and hopefully, your are having a happy and wonderful holiday season.”

Here’s my response to Michael the Mortgage Broker.

“Hi Michael,

Thanks for the email. I understand where you are coming from. However, I believe in full transparency, I don’t try to convince anybody what to do, nor am I trying to predict the market. I simply believe in providing the stats and allowing people to make their own informed decisions. I believe as a consumer I would want the same choices, as apposed to the singular narrative that the Real estate industry tries to slam down everyones throat. Regardless, I respect your opinion. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!”

 I highlight this only to make some clarifications. It appears I only need to make this clarification to others in the industry. Confused as to why I’m not towing the line.
This site was created to provide you with more value and transparency. It’s what it’s called “VancityCondoGuide”, created as a “guide” to help you make informed decisions. It’s not about me and pumping my own tires. That’s why this site is not called “” The fact is, I believe the more value and transparency you provide it will come back tenfold. So far that’s holding true.
I think the biggest conflict of interest is giving consumers one singular narrative, one data source. Accept what the industry puts out and the media regurgitates. How can one formulate their own opinions and choices when they’re only being fed one narrative?
The fact is many just want to look out for their best interests and put food on the table, I get it. Selfishly, I need to sleep at night, which is why I feel the need to speak up. It’s also why I believe legacy is greater than currency, and how you make your money is more important than how much you make.
I’ve been saying since the Fall that the market was ripe for a correction, the writing was on the wall. Since then detached prices have plopped 15-20%, sales have been cut in half. Several months later others in the industry jumped on board. BC Real Estate Association forecasts an 8.7% price decline in 2017. CEO of Royal Lepage believes Vancouver is in for a double digit correction. Whether that happens or not is anyone’s guess. Nobody can predict the future, myself included. I am simply offering an alternative view, providing you data that isn’t announced by the Real Estate Board.
At the end of the day, as I tell all my clients, take what I say, what the Board says, mainstream media, economists, etc, do your research and formulate your own opinions. My hope is that my content can provide you with an additional source of value to help you make the best decision possible given your unique situation.
Thank you for your support, and see you in 2017.

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